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  • Interesting video! Delali is indeed a very sexy and deadly girl, would love to see more of her! I... >> TRAFFIC
  • i love it >> PHONE TAG
  • One of the best neck break sequences. Very nice, and simple. >> FOREST BLAZE
  • the clip is including details that is very much professional, the facial expressions, the sounds,... >> BUSTED IN
  • Deadly sexy ! >> NOT JUST A WOMAN
  • It was a cool video. I like how she was beating him up nd still able to answer her phone. Comedy,... >> PHONE TAG
  • funny fight !!! This girl...yummy ! >> Who is Lady X?
  • the kill is so hot, and both acting supper great, the way she move her legs shows the pressure is... >> LETHAL FORCE
  • Cute, deadly & more than that man could handle! >> OFFICE RUMBLE
  • One of my favs. Almost PERFECT! >> DOUBLE DAMAGE
  • Great work. Fast paced, fun, and love the finishing neck snap at the end. Great work! >> A DONE DEAL
  • I love this kind of production, ans I love this clip. Lady X is so sexy destroying the poor guy.... >> Who is Lady X?
  • Another knife-wielding thug bites the dust. Good (she should have rubbed him out and saved us a... >> BAG CHECK
  • I love this girl ^^ >> MARY J vs DUTCH
  • Very well done. Perfection would have been a brutal axe kick to his groin as a finisher (or part... >> UNDERAGE
  • Great neck break, so merciless and brutal. Overall the video is decent not great in my opinion, but... >> FOREST BLAZE
  • Very Good. >> STALKER
  • Five Star Video all the way!! Hope to see more Ellen, and more videos like this!! Keep them... >> Red Fury
  • wow-loved her attitude >> STALKER
  • And after wiping the floor with the sleazy guy (presumably finally despatching him in a wooden... >> THE DEATH OF PIMP-A-LOT RECORDS
  • awesome. Digging Jessica.. >> LETHAL
  • I can totally foresee a Part 2 coming. >> TO HELL
  • Wow, that was intense! Delall sure gave him a dose of his own medicine! >> MARY J vs DUTCH
  • Well, it is no longer a rough night for the beautiful Jonae after taking care of him! :) >> ROUGH NIGHT
  • Muy Caliente!! >> NOT JUST A WOMAN
  • Amanda got some skills. Would like to see her in a few more videos. >> KICK ASS TOO
  • maaaan, isnt she top sexy.. her looks are really super, and she has natural beauty and... >> ZXAMIEYA
  • Very good ! Like that ! Miss T you are the most prettiest !!!! Big Up ! >> DEAR HENRY
  • Thats what I am talking about... Normal clothes, deadly power. No mercy. He is out. >> OFFICE RUMBLE
  • Good concept. The fight could have been longer with more stomps and broken bones but over all very... >> YOGA KUNG FU
  • Nice >> UNDERAGE
  • Go! Deadly Dymes >> THE DUEL
  • She got some serious spunk! I love it... And that fight was totally amazing! Hope to see more... >> EXPRESS DANGER
  • chelsea is the best >> TO THE DEATH
  • I like the London-clips. >> FURY AND PAIN
  • Just what I like ! Hot and spicy...yeahhh ! >> UNDERAGE
  • Awesome!!! Mysterious, sexy and deadly. Kaya is my new favorite >> STALKER
  • Awesome story with a killer ending. Love it! More like this guys >> Deranged
  • Awesome Video! Tara has got some serious bad ass skills man! She is as highly skilled as Grace,... >> TARA TAKES TWO
  • Very funny comedy, funniest video so far, have not seen anything like it in the past. Absolutely... >> DEAR HENRY
  • I loved this. This woman is beautiful and the action was good. MORE! MORE! >> ANDERSON'S REVENGE
  • Great video. The best I've ever seen. Can we have more of Delali? Would also love to see more of... >> TRAFFIC
  • Delali clearly the best one ! Big up M.B ! >> TRAFFIC
  • Wow excellent these last vids have been fan favorites >> THE LESSON
  • Lol! Bizaar!!! :) As weird as it is, its great fun... and she is a welcome pretty addition to the... >> DEAR HENRY
  • AT LAST!!The best kill ever!!Highly recommended for stomp/kill fans like myself.I wish movies had a... >> BUSTED IN
  • Wish there had been a bit more to it, but for a short film the groin blows were well done, and... >> NIXED
  • Storyline was great. The action was very high energy and brutal. That killer finish was one of the... >> Deranged
  • Terrific Video! Sexy Dyme and plenty of action with a touch of mystic energy. He is lucky those... >> YOGA KUNG FU
  • Impressive to see that cute little aggressive girl beat to a pulp a big guy twice her size! She has... >> LETHAL FORCE
  • Great concept. It's nice to see Delali back also. This had the potential to be another "Room 444"... >> TRAFFIC
  • Very short, but very brutal fight scene. I really like how Jessica smiles after she knocks him down... >> LETHAL
  • That was great! >> SUPER SELF DEFENSE
  • great groin strikes! >> TRAFFIC
  • Nisa took total command of a man many guys would lose too! She masterminded him in every way and... >> WATER
  • Liz got Fists of Steel >> HARD FISTED
  • Anyone recommend others strong on action like the strikes in this video? >> PAROLE
  • This will be its own classic.I like this a lot. >> TRAFFIC
  • Obviously size and physical strength is not everything in a fight, Ivy's cleverness will... >> SHOCK AND AWE
  • I think this is a good video!! The scenario and atmosphere is different than usual. Also, the Dyme... >> HOUSE GUESTS
  • my favourite finishing move! nice sound of bones cracking! >> TRASH DAY
  • That is one tough white chick! Her grappling skills are impressive! >> MARY J vs DUTCH
  • I usually prefer to see the guy standing and taking his medicine, especially for groin blows. That... >> TRAFFIC
  • AWESOME, please make many many more like this. Love the 2 on 1. >> DOUBLE DAMAGE
  • Short and sweet little clip. She's so pretty and the choreography is fast and furious and dominant... >> TO THE DEATH
  • Great video! If this is a trial fight, I'm totally looking forward to seeing the actual fight. ... >> Trial 1 Fight
  • Great fight. Sonya's attitude and grappling skills are amazing! >> FURY AND PAIN
  • Hated it. Could have been better. >> ROUGH NIGHT
  • nice clip. the fatal blow is amazing :D >> LETHAL
  • Good very good! >> BRICK CITY
  • REALLY enjoyed this clip, short but very sweet. Loved her attitude, very cold and sadistic but at... >> STALKER
  • She destroyed him >> Fight Under Bridge, feat. Zara
  • I believe this is a classic in its own right. Definitely one of the best clips I've seen in a long... >> TRAFFIC
  • I can't wait for more stuff like this. I love this theme, and I love when the bad guy gets his... >> UNDERAGE
  • Hot woman, costume, fight and attitude. But did she have to take him out like that? Too violent... >> A BLOODY ENCOUNTER
  • I definitely loved this one. The action was good but Im a have to agree with everyone else and say... >> BOX OUT
  • Commanding legs, serious no bs blows. Love this lady ! >> Who is Lady X?
  • good job ! like that ! >> PAROLE
  • Creative fight. Intense ending. Loved it! >> TO THE DEATH
  • For 1 credit this is the best video. The pace of action leading to the conclusion is perfect.... >> GOTTA SPLIT
  • This was really good. That poor man's groin LOL. I agree with Sam, a bit to heavy on the talk,... >> PAROLE
  • This video has a strong and powerful message. >> UNDERAGE
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