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rating rating rating rating rating 4 Stars, 12422 views    
Length: 2:42
Rated Appropriate for All Audiences

Trapped in a game of death - you fight your way through but how do you get out? The beautiful Traveler wields multiple skills from bare knuckles to lethal weapons to survive through mind-bending stages in this high-octane action series.  WATCH OUT!


Exclusive Content By:

  • Karpati Productions
(bold = more extreme)

by Tone001  
Fantastic! Great High Quality Action from Karpati Productions! The fight choreography and The Performances by Naomi and Deseck was Awesome. I hope Karpati and her Production team incorporate more Australian Talent for these videos. I can't recommend this short enough, you won't be disappointed.
by 99TheOne  
Nice! Awesome video! Reminds me of the Matrix; Trinity vs Agent Smith. Hopefully we get to see the Next Level. (Each level different outfit - ?)
by humungus  
Nice choreography and outfit. Too much blood on her side.