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Mashana In Charge

Time: 1:29
With grace, speed and brutal efficiency, Mashana handily chops a tree-hating thug down to size.
2 credits / Preview
Pain In The Neck

Time: 2:04
The newest addition to the DeadlyDymes pantheon goes for the jugular in this three-in-one fight video, the final installment in Mashana's May madness series.
3 credits
Harder They Fall

Time: 4:00
Mashana delivers six fight combos in one video so brutal, so creative, and so completely unsuitable for tender eyes, shared proudly and exclusively with the DeadlyDymes community. ...
6 credits / Preview
Oh Snap!

Time: 46 seconds
Part II of the Mashana May series. Flying scissors anyone?
1 credit
All Choked Up

Time: 1:02
In the first of a four-part fight series, Mashana shows her opponent who is boss.
1 credit
Three Ways to Die

Time: 2:25
In the not-too-distant future, a super-powered warrior runs hard and fights even harder. With the vicious and super-cute Mashana.
6 credits / Preview