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  • cool,this man need urgently an ice pack. Mankah, I missed U. >> BAD TRAINER
  • Awesome Video! Tara has got some serious bad ass skills man! She is as highly skilled as Grace,... >> TARA TAKES TWO
  • This was really good. That poor man's groin LOL. I agree with Sam, a bit to heavy on the talk,... >> PAROLE
  • Awesome, could use more high impact kicks and punches but awesome. She is smokin hot!!! >> TAKE ME OUT (BONUS FIGHT)
  • Her skill is unmatched! What happened to videos like these? I want to see CynTia again. >> Apartment Raid
  • Anyone recommend others strong on action like the strikes in this video? >> PAROLE
  • I loved it ALOT One of best female fighters. please, more like this! >> SNOW JOB
  • I can totally foresee a Part 2 coming. >> TO HELL
  • Well, it is no longer a rough night for the beautiful Jonae after taking care of him! :) >> ROUGH NIGHT
  • the clip is including details that is very much professional, the facial expressions, the sounds,... >> BUSTED IN
  • maaan, her look at the last 2 kick is amazing, love the clip and the details of it.. great work >> ABDUCTED
  • Muy Caliente!! >> NOT JUST A WOMAN
  • Grace is sooooo fit. She has got some great fighting moves. >> BROTHERHOOD
  • Amazing fight, brutal revenge, Brent is going to be found by some old men fishing after that final... >> THE CROSSING
  • Man the face stomp at the end killed me, woow >> FAN FATALITY
  • Very well done. Perfection would have been a brutal axe kick to his groin as a finisher (or part... >> UNDERAGE
  • Terrific Video! Sexy Dyme and plenty of action with a touch of mystic energy. He is lucky those... >> YOGA KUNG FU
  • I just loved this video! The ending is just pure pleasure for me! :)) thanks very much! >> TAKE ME OUT (BONUS FIGHT)
  • Awesome!! Post more videos like this please :) >> Apartment Raid
  • That is one tough white chick! Her grappling skills are impressive! >> MARY J vs DUTCH
  • And after wiping the floor with the sleazy guy (presumably finally despatching him in a wooden... >> THE DEATH OF PIMP-A-LOT RECORDS
  • Five Star Video all the way!! Hope to see more Ellen, and more videos like this!! Keep them... >> Red Fury
  • Very short, but very brutal fight scene. I really like how Jessica smiles after she knocks him down... >> LETHAL
  • Deadly sexy ! >> NOT JUST A WOMAN
  • Obviously size and physical strength is not everything in a fight, Ivy's cleverness will... >> SHOCK AND AWE
  • wow-loved her attitude >> STALKER
  • It is great to see Grace fight an opponent who is equally as skilled as she is. I like the setting... >> THE INTIMIDATOR
  • This is definitely one of the very best martial arts battle on Deadly Dymes! I totally love the... >> ABDUCTED
  • REALLY enjoyed this clip, short but very sweet. Loved her attitude, very cold and sadistic but at... >> STALKER
  • Delali clearly the best one ! Big up M.B ! >> TRAFFIC
  • I really love this clip. She is gorgeous and sexy, has great legs and shows them off in that... >> THE BREAK DOWN: PART I
  • Awesome. Maybe the best f/m video Ive seen on the web ! Grace is very sexy, and her attitudes are... >> TAKE ME OUT
  • She got some serious spunk! I love it... And that fight was totally amazing! Hope to see more... >> EXPRESS DANGER
  • Wow, she really did him in. The fight was real sexy and well done. Looked as if it could have... >> RAIN OF THE FIST
  • Hot woman, costume, fight and attitude. But did she have to take him out like that? Too violent... >> A BLOODY ENCOUNTER
  • This video is sublime! Absolutely love that wet hair slap, very cool. Will there be a sequel to... >> THE POOL CLEANER
  • Amazing beatdown. From start to finish amazing Grace and power. Love Grace videos. >> Wrong Answer
  • funny fight !!! This girl...yummy ! >> Who is Lady X?
  • Great concept. It's nice to see Delali back also. This had the potential to be another "Room 444"... >> TRAFFIC
  • Awesome Video :) >> MEL GOES NUTS
  • For 1 credit this is the best video. The pace of action leading to the conclusion is perfect.... >> GOTTA SPLIT
  • Hated it. Could have been better. >> ROUGH NIGHT
  • Another great video with Grace! Her videos are never dull. Keep em coming pls... >> THE CROSSING
  • Grace at her best - as always, and looking damn good at the same time, what a girl... I love the... >> FAN FATALITY
  • Grace is perfection >> THE DROP IN
  • Great video. The best I've ever seen. Can we have more of Delali? Would also love to see more of... >> TRAFFIC
  • AT LAST!!The best kill ever!!Highly recommended for stomp/kill fans like myself.I wish movies had a... >> BUSTED IN
  • Short and sweet little clip. She's so pretty and the choreography is fast and furious and dominant... >> TO THE DEATH
  • Just what I like ! Hot and spicy...yeahhh ! >> UNDERAGE
  • This video has a strong and powerful message. >> UNDERAGE
  • Nisa took total command of a man many guys would lose too! She masterminded him in every way and... >> WATER
  • I'd like to see a continuation of this story, but we find out Clawdia is actually a ninja when she... >> THE BREAK DOWN: PART II
  • Please do a part III ! >> THE BREAK DOWN: PART II
  • Very good ! Like that ! Miss T you are the most prettiest !!!! Big Up ! >> DEAR HENRY
  • Paulette is now available!! Anyone interested? >> TAKE ME OUT (BONUS FIGHT)
  • Excellent in every way. Assuming that you always name the girl first, Mel has natural gymnastic... >> THE SUCCESSOR
  • Awesome!!! Mysterious, sexy and deadly. Kaya is my new favorite >> STALKER
  • Grace is by far the best on this site. MORE videos of Grace. >> Wrong Answer
  • Favorite video so far. I watch it over and over just to see Grace dominate. Can't think of a better... >> TAKE ME OUT (BONUS FIGHT)
  • Love the fighting in it. SO HOT !! Grace is as lovely as she is deadly.Loved the elbow to the... >> THE CROSSING
  • Very funny comedy, funniest video so far, have not seen anything like it in the past. Absolutely... >> DEAR HENRY
  • Good concept. The fight could have been longer with more stomps and broken bones but over all very... >> YOGA KUNG FU
  • Great work. Fast paced, fun, and love the finishing neck snap at the end. Great work! >> A DONE DEAL
  • This was my first Deadly Dymes download. It was better then I had hoped for, absolutely amazing! >> PAYDAY
  • Great video! If this is a trial fight, I'm totally looking forward to seeing the actual fight. ... >> Trial 1 Fight
  • I usually prefer to see the guy standing and taking his medicine, especially for groin blows. That... >> TRAFFIC
  • First-Rate Video!! Impressive acrobatics, and tons of Action I could feel... (Awesome Video!!) >> Cry Fowl!
  • Wonderful ! The BEST battle choregraphy in deadlydymes I ever seen !!! Great GREAT GREAT !... >> ABDUCTED
  • Impressive to see that cute little aggressive girl beat to a pulp a big guy twice her size! She has... >> LETHAL FORCE
  • Interesting video! Delali is indeed a very sexy and deadly girl, would love to see more of her! I... >> TRAFFIC
  • good job ! like that ! >> PAROLE
  • Yes indeed! Loved the attitude, the dress and heels! Grace is amazing! Interesting how she could... >> TAKE ME OUT
  • the kill is so hot, and both acting supper great, the way she move her legs shows the pressure is... >> LETHAL FORCE
  • Stunning, and I loved the end...From Manchester England...Keep on keepin on. >> TAKE ME OUT
  • Brilliant having Grace back. She's looking hotter than ever and still packing awesome power. More... >> Wrong Answer
  • Awesome story with a killer ending. Love it! More like this guys >> Deranged
  • I believe this is a classic in its own right. Definitely one of the best clips I've seen in a long... >> TRAFFIC
  • Great comedy and a lot of laughs. I sure hope there is a sequel to this video! Also, it is great to... >> BAD TRAINER
  • I love this girl ^^ >> MARY J vs DUTCH
  • Painful surprise for him! She is a great fighter, and a very hard kicker! >> INNOCENT
  • Wish there had been a bit more to it, but for a short film the groin blows were well done, and... >> NIXED
  • Commanding legs, serious no bs blows. Love this lady ! >> Who is Lady X?
  • I like the video, CynTia is a gorgeous bad ass! Love to see more of her in the future (thumbs all... >> Services Rendered
  • love this one! she's very gorgeous and FIT. hope to see her in another video >> Apartment Raid
  • A must see! Can't wait to see more of Grace! >> Robbery
  • Wow, that was intense! Delall sure gave him a dose of his own medicine! >> MARY J vs DUTCH
  • Storyline was great. The action was very high energy and brutal. That killer finish was one of the... >> Deranged
  • CynTia is really hot, love her skill, but in this one, I was hoping she may have done a good... >> Apartment Raid
  • great groin strikes! >> TRAFFIC
  • chelsea is the best >> TO THE DEATH
  • Whenever Mel fights, I can count on some good action. More often than not it involves her... >> HARD DAYS WORK
  • This will be its own classic.I like this a lot. >> TRAFFIC
  • I love this kind of production, ans I love this clip. Lady X is so sexy destroying the poor guy.... >> Who is Lady X?
  • I can't wait for more stuff like this. I love this theme, and I love when the bad guy gets his... >> UNDERAGE
  • Nice >> UNDERAGE
  • Another knife-wielding thug bites the dust. Good (she should have rubbed him out and saved us a... >> BAG CHECK
  • Liz got Fists of Steel >> HARD FISTED
  • Lol! Bizaar!!! :) As weird as it is, its great fun... and she is a welcome pretty addition to the... >> DEAR HENRY
  • very good skills from the guy, the girl looks good too, but i think the fight was short, however i... >> On the Run
  • Great neck break, so merciless and brutal. Overall the video is decent not great in my opinion, but... >> FOREST BLAZE
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