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rating rating rating rating rating 4.5 Stars, 30589 views    
Length: 2:52
Rated Mature by 145 people

Amanda's strength is tested when a benign training session takes a violent turn.

(bold = more extreme)

by beneathHersneakers  
omGoddess! i loved it! Amanda's physical size and strength just overwhelms this little twerp. when She see's he has absolutely no skills, She literally takes him apart piece by piece with silent but convincing sarcastic stone cold looks. the way She busted his balls every chance She got was mind goggling and Her neck choke with those sneakers was snufftastic! can't wait to see Her grow and become more accomplished as a deadly dyme!
by hyoidman  
The action could have been a little more convincing, and the sound design on this one was pretty weak. But Amanda's moves are just believable enough that it still works, and she looks so good it makes up for some of the deficiencies.
by deadman18  
I love it so much.. if the neck stomp was longer.. it would be supper amazing..
by joker88  
by babyboy1030  
Amanda got some skills. Would like to see her in a few more videos.