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Length: 1:46
Rated Mature by 1 person. Recommended for Ages 18+

A day at the gym is never ordinary in Wendy's world.


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by pontiradio94264  
This is a very fun video, honestly i laughed a lot watching this, the introduction was funny, from him trying to bully her by throwing random object to her ability to stay calm and just ignore him, it was an excellent mix, she clearly didn't want to be too hard on him, she was just defending herself, I think that the end was the only possibility that fit right for this humoristic type of content. With her leaving the gym with an Iconic phrase. ()
by Selfdefencegirl  
Wendy is awesome, need more of her! ()
by Consuelo  
Loving palm strikes! I really love palm heel strikes to the nose! Please, more of it in the upcoming clips! :D ()
by df  
Yeah, it was kind of weak, but her moves were on point. I expected more out of the fight and at least a finishing move of some sort. ()
by bigaction  
Hey I love this video! Wendy's fighting talent is amazing and the choreography was tight. But I have to agree with shannonboyx something was missing. If she brought more personality like the other Dymes, combined with her already amazing skills, she would be one of the best on this site. But not quite there yet. ()
by t.j.8880  
WHAT WAS THAT??? yall losing it. take your time with the next video. that was a waste of 4 credits i mean that really should of been free and wheres rachel shes truly inspirational and talented ()
by shannonboyx  
Good fighter but horrible ending. Come on ya'll! Do better. ()