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rating rating rating rating rating 4.5 Stars, 16525 views    
Length: 14:15
Rated Mature by 3 people. Recommended for Ages 18+

Grace in three of heart-warming stories with heart-stopping action and her on-screen boo thing Dan.
- Take Me Out
- Take Me Out Bonus
- Death Do Us Part


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by Dominickyc  
This one is really really good, grace is really athletic, all the moves she delivers looks so painful and precise ()
by Edwilliamberg282  
Grace is becoming one of my favorites. She kicked him so hard his sunglasses came flying from his head ()
by Keyone95736  
This series has some of the most incredible and most realistic fight scenes I've seen. The acrobatic movements are beautifully executed, and the storyline and acting make it a great series. Kudos to them! Can't wait for more. ()