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Length: 1:55
Rated Mature by 2 people. Recommended for Ages 18+

Medusa is on a most urgent mission.

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by Edwilliamberg282  
Medusa got skills, that scorpion kick at the end was so clean. That was really fun to watch ()
by robertmaina254265  
Medusa is my new favorite Dyme! The fight choreography in this clip is fantastic. From the incredible scorpion kick and the Bruce Lee kick to finish off her opponent, this video blew me away. The new golden rule is don't get in between a girl and her business or else you end up as a business that needs to be taken care of. And not in a good way. ()
by Keyone95736  
Just curious: did the dude get taken out because of a toilet? She's got some slick moves and impressive kicks! She pulls off flexible kicks with precision. Fun and entertaining content. ()
by demetre_meadz236  
You know its gonna be hype! when the camera zooms in and out on the bad guy. I lost it at the takedown kick at the end ()
by VictoriaSlave  
What is the name of this dyme? Would love to see more of her works. ( -1)
by Giotto5  
Great ! More of Medusa ! ()
by blakkghozt  
Great choreographed fight with added comedy with an original story. ()
by Jedi419  
Would love to see more of her! ()