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rating rating rating rating rating 4.9 Stars, 32171 views    
Length: 6:17
Rated Mature by 5 people. Recommended for Ages 18+

Jessica utterly destroys any man who challenges her. Featuring:
- Lethal

Plus 10 RuffCuts from the unreleased Purple Bruises.

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by cafare52  
boring. im sorry. should have throat stomped. how you gonna kill someone by kicking there nuts? ( -4)
by gigetto  
more punch in the face!!! more more of jessica!! ()
by darthwin  
Very short, but very brutal fight scene. I really like how Jessica smiles after she knocks him down the first time. Very sexy! Awesome... the sexiest thighs Ive seen in a while. This girl has a very sexy look and attitude. Really hoping to see plenty more of Jessica. Shes a real knockout in every sense of the word ) ()
by alvarodhollie  
nice clip. the fatal blow is amazing :D ( +1)
by DarkMagus  
i like this clip and the blood is cool in future clips please use the blood to the finish move like this clip blood is better to be hearing a sound that something is broke ()
by Precelis  
It is not necessery to introduce blood in your regards. ()
by babyboy1030  
awesome. Digging Jessica.. ()