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Length: 4:58
Rated Mature by 3 people. Recommended for Ages 18+

A mysterious fighter with a passion for collapsing body parts steps to London.


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by Plutops  
She broke every bone in that man's body. But on the plus side he got to see a beautiful damsel before he faded to black ()
by kylefisher22  
She was literally watching him spit blood and she was smiling. I don't know why that was so sexy. I think I speak for all of us when I say I need more of her ()
by Jonnydg  
She made sure he's not getting up from that, those extra stomps was assurities ()
by Jacobini  
He should have just tapped out , maybe she would let him go, but he tried to be a big boy ()
by Dominickyc  
She choked bro so hard he was surely doing stars, bro messed with the wrong damsel ()
by Arthursh  
Damn she is a doppelganger of Harley Quinn, the beauty plus the sadistic side wow she is really one to watch. All he could do was just lay there and take it ()
by demetre_meadz236  
Forget Marvel movies, she's my new favorite hero, from the acting, the facial expressions and sound design she nailed it. Side note dude has the strongest neck because I'd be passed out in seconds lol ()
by robertmaina254265  
You won't be able to take your eyes off this one. I Love that this clip pays homage to Tomb Raider's iconic design giving us a top-tier fan service. All those roundhouse kicks reminded me of Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat. This is probably the most dominant, one-sided beatdown on Deadly Dymes and I love it! ()
by Keyone95736  
This woman exudes charisma. Her smiles and facial expressions show that she is a badass. She delights in tormenting the poor guy. Despite having a gun, she toys with the victim. What a fearless lady! ()
by tw08100793  
OMG. Red Talon is a artistic killer. Systematically she kicks him around before she brings him down with a powerful double strike on his chest, cracking bones inside and making him spiting blood. So brute, so strong. But this is not his end, not yet. She demonically smiles. She wants him suffer more, slowly she presses his air out of him with her stretched foot sliding him down to the ground where she further chokes him with her knee. What a bitch, she is still talking to him and having her fun with him, before she finally ends his painful ordeal by choking him to darkland in a crossed ankle scissor. Her mocking and smiling is the last thing he sees and hears. Ironically, the lethal brutal head smashing killer stomping she uses at the end to utterlerly destroy his existence like a bug under her feet, shows humanity in some weird way, because he was already knocked out before. Side note: She wore her gun belt without making use of it.This was underlining her power in a thrilling way. It would have been even better, if she released it at one point, telling him, that she will need nothing more than her body to destroy him. That would have been shown ultimate humiliation and besides this, it would have shown more of her thighs as the belt was unluckily covering her curves, which for thigh fetishists like me was not perfect. Wish there is more with Red Talon coming, she really made my day. ()
by beneathHersneakers  
omGoddess! what an incredible beatdown! I loved the attitude and Red Talon's lustful sadistic demeanor. those boots could of done some more ballbusting, but the choke and the strangulation of Dutch at the end had me thirsting for more bloodletting and deadly finishing moves. the closeup of the boot treads was a nice touch for a boots fetish beta as myself. ()
by deadman18  
the clip is including details that is very much professional, the facial expressions, the sounds, the acting, the boot, i mean really this is very high quality ( +1)
by panostsakas0  
AT LAST!!The best kill ever!!Highly recommended for stomp/kill fans like myself.I wish movies had a finish like this.More pls. ( +1)