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Length: 1:20
Rated Mature by 1 person. Recommended for Ages 18+

Liz faces a dangerous stranger.


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by robertmaina254265  
Liz got bombs in those fists. Stunning close-quarters combat choreography. I liked the emphasis on hand-to-hand combat. ()
by goodfightz  
I love this one. Great combat sequence! ()
by 99TheOne  
Liz got Fists of Steel ()
by bigaction  
Torn on this one. Dylan you're right. Vid is well-shot, Liz is strong, fights well and the knockout blow was sick! Like the fresh fighting style too. But Deadman18 you've also got a point, she clearly held back. More from Liz, please, but next time GO ALL OUT Y'ALL... ()
by strikeaposefilms  
Deadman18 I really don't get you, bro. The name of the video is Hard Fisted and you're asking where the kicks and stomps are? This chick BROKE A DUDES ARM with a bad ass punch to the elbow, AND then knocked him out cold! I loved the change up in the fighting technique and appreciated the solid camerawork and editing. The choreography was frenetic and exciting as well, and this Dyme looked GREAT while kicking ass and taking names. Open your mind, dude, there's more to awesome fights than stompin on the groin! Now do me a favor, rewatch it, and re-rate it, and give it the hype it deserves! Fantastic! ( -2)
by deadman18  
maaaaaaaan ?? no kicks ? no stomps ? why that weak ()