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Length: 2:02
Rated Appropriate for All Audiences

A lovely fugitive on the run. He who underestimates her will pay dearly. Enjoy :-)


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by kylefisher22  
Creeps get creep treatment. Nice job Yvette. I loved the back and forth it was choreographed very nicely ()
by Jonnydg  
She sent him to heaven with those kicks, minimum of 8 broken bones in his body🤣 ()
by Jacobini  
Beat up that man, next time he'll know better than to stalk women around ()
by Edwilliamberg282  
Yvette is amazing, she has really effective kicks that looks really great but those slaps is what really got me. It was right on point, really nice to watch ()
by robertmaina254265  
In this two-minute clip, I learned how much someone can be toyed with and beat down simultaneously. The beautiful and deadly Dyme Yvette destroys her opponent who doesn't seem to grasp the large skill gap in their abilities despite the obvious signs. If I ever get slapped more than twice in a fight, I'd think twice before letting the fight progress any longer. ()
by Frank Leonidas  
OK, Yvette is my new favorite Dyme. Seriously. Her kicks at 00:25 were killer. Loved the bitch slaps she gave too. A real heart-stopper. Please, more clips (and kicks) with Yvette! ()