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Length: 3:14
Rated Mature by 1 person. Recommended for Ages 18+

A thief enters the wrong dojo.

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by kylefisher22  
My boy caught an old fashion ass whooping, he really did enter the wrong dojo but I think he learned his lesson 😂 ()
by Jonnydg  
Women kicking ass, that's what I wanna see. She beat that man so bad he probably don't remember the way to his house. ()
by Dominickyc  
Love to see these women winning, the camera shots was really nice and fast paced too. Good work all round ()
by gebbers1952644  
This is top-tier action. The action sequence is fluid and well-choreographed. I also loved the tag team action. Great stuff! ()
by robertmaina254265  
Everything about this clip was top-notch. The fight choreography was stunning, and the Dymes executed it to perfection. What surprised me was how clean the camera transitions were. Melee is definitely in the top three videos here. ()
by Edwilliamberg282  
Amazing stuff, the acting and combat looks great and the combination between the two women. Wow ()
by demetre_meadz236  
Now this was some john wick type action. and that 2v1 was so amazing with that split then spin kick they’re the perfect duo ()
by pontiradio94264  
The fighting scenes are definitely one of the best I watched on the site. Girl in orange Shirt used a little bit of kick boxing at the start and i also saw a little bit of karate and Thai chi, the use of blunt weapons gives that sense of recklessness to the whole, excellent use of props, BRAVO, the acting are very well done by all of them. hope to see more from them ()
by Keyone95736  
"Melee" is a riveting three-minute experience that seamlessly blends suspenseful buildup with relentless action. The fast-paced storyline, though rooted in familiar themes, is given a fresh twist that keeps viewers engaged. Stunning performances drive the narrative, with well-executed and realistic fight choreography that balances real-life combat techniques with cinematic spectacle. The high-quality visuals, enhanced by professional camera work and diverse angles, offer a crisp and immersive viewing experience. Suspenseful music complements the intense action, while flawless editing ensures a smooth and clear flow of scenes. The video effectively builds tension, showcasing two skilled women in combat, making "Melee" a thoroughly entertaining and engaging short film. All I can say to the guy is: good luck in having kids! ()
by Shahrazad  
He thought he could get anything with his gun, poor guy!! ()
by NaijaPeach  
I was able to download Melee and I loved it. The kicks and punches were intriguing. ()