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Length: 2:49
Rated Mature by 1 person. Recommended for Ages 18+

When looking for a fight, Hector gets more fury than he can handle in Ellen, leaving blood on the floor of Advantage Wrestling Academy.


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  • Andrew Kim Film

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by pontiradio94264  
"By pure happenstance I walked into this random dojo where this woman I've never met before was doing her regular martial arts...! She got some mad skills. Respect to a woman that can fight. Such a pleasure to watch ()
by demetre_meadz236  
What was that note? Lol. The action in this movie was top notch and those camera movements had everything in frame which was great. More Ellen please. ()
by robertmaina254265  
When prowling for a fight, Hector comes across the stunning Hellen. He grossly underestimates her and that's where the tables turn. Hector quickly finds out that he is no longer the predator but the prey. Hellen displays graceful and precise kickboxing skills that will leave any of her opponents beaten black and blue. ()
by 99TheOne  
Five Star Video all the way!! Hope to see more Ellen, and more videos like this!! Keep them coming... :) ()