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rating rating rating rating rating 4.55 Stars, 21978 views    
Length: 4:28
Rated Mature by 1 person. Recommended for Ages 18+

Shannon meets London in a secluded corner of the woods to settle out their feud.


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by actionfan  
London's costumes are legit, the actresses are skilled and the fighting intense and realistic, but this video just sucked. His Sonya series was mind-blowing but this, my friends, was a waste of credits. ()
by ignacioserv  
i agree with the guys. So bad and boring... so disapointed... ()
by Precelis  
What Maurice said is true ! More, another death by neckbreak, neckbreak, neckbreak, all is neckbreak !!!! Please try new, it's boring... ( -1)
by Maurice  
Another one that goes straight to the recycle bin. Seriously, the quality has taken a nose dive since the incredible Savage Sisters release. The sad part is that this video cost almost twice as much as Savage Sisters... and it's not even half as good. ( -1)
by babyboy1030  
Pretty good. Would like to see Shannon work with Mister B again. ()