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Length: 4:25
Rated Mature by 1 person. Recommended for Ages 18+

Meet Lt. Anderson, bounty hunter. She is hot and on the trail of one Malcolm Tremayne. This showdown has no rules, no laws and no mercy! Look for more action and danger in future videos from this series.


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by 99TheOne  
Wow!!, this is an amazing video. I like the storyline, the sound and video effects, the fire burst at the end is really awesome, and girl is so smokin' HOT. This truely is a great start for a new season of videos from DeadlyDymes. I can't wait to see the next video. However, I would like to see more of a fighting ability from the DeadyDyme girl, both on and off the ground and with different martial/fighting styles - similar to what we see in the movies - but I can wait - I know there is a lot more great stuff coming our way. But nevertheless, this is a wonderful video and I give it 2 Thumbs Way Up!! I definitely look forward to seeing next week's video. ()