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Length: 4:24
Rated Mature by 4 people. Recommended for Ages 18+

A sensual, strong and swift warrior unleashes a bruising torrent of punches, kicks and knees, leaving her hapless challenger crumpled and crushed.

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by robertmaina254265  
Who is Lady X? I'll tell you who Lady X is. She's a Dyme not to be trifled with unless you want your groin stomped repeatedly. Don't let those graceful stallion legs fool you. ()
by Keyone95736  
She embodies strength and power, launching merciless attacks at vital points with playful twists and skillful execution, featuring three to four scenes of constant action. It needs more episodes! I loved it! ()
by christianryverjr910  
Girl?! Your leg so πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I couldn't take my eyes off it! Perfect kick! And the glasses so slayyy ()
by BoldButterfly  
Sexy lady with sexy moves...crashing him like he don't matter...he will never fight again huh!! ( +1)
by tamakeri  
Oh man it's been so long. WE NEED A SEQUEL! lol ()
by tamakeri  
Best. Thing. Ever. The stuff of dreams. Would part with 20 credits for another in this style. ()
by shoewipe  
Commanding legs, serious no bs blows. Love this lady ! ( +1)
by Precelis  
funny fight !!! This girl...yummy ! ( +1)
by yirmeyah  
I love this kind of production, ans I love this clip. Lady X is so sexy destroying the poor guy. She's skilled, and her moves are very sensual. I'd love to see a video with Lady X fighting in high heels, with many groin attacks again. ( +4)