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Length: 1:10
Rated Mature by 2 people. Recommended for Ages 18+

Jaedra's encounter awakens her inner warrior.


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by robertmaina254265  
She did the thing! The Bruce Lee stomp finisher from the Ultimate Dragon! No way he survives that. ()
by Edwilliamberg282  
Those two roundhouse kicks put that man to sleep, she didn't even need up to 2 minutes to kick his ass ()
by Shahrazad  
Oh, man! That was quick! I pity his face...ha.ha... ()
by BoldButterfly  
Well, don't judge anyone by their appearance, she is petite but she has sent the big guy to sleep, how nice! ()
by Matty  
Video is broken. ()
by babyboy1030  
Good clip. But you getting way to short on your clips. You need to get back to more 2min or 3min clips. ( +1)