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  • Five Star Video all the way!! Hope to see more Ellen, and more videos like this!! Keep them... >> Red Fury
  • Her skill is unmatched! What happened to videos like these? I want to see CynTia again. >> Apartment Raid
  • Wow, she really did him in. The fight was real sexy and well done. Looked as if it could have... >> RAIN OF THE FIST
  • By far the best free bonus gift yet. There's inspiration here for, say, a wet girl on girl pool... >> THE POOL CLEANER
  • She got some serious spunk! I love it... And that fight was totally amazing! Hope to see more... >> EXPRESS DANGER
  • Not a lot of content with this one, but an enjoyable clip. Has a couple nice strikes, and I love... >> SOLDIER GIRL
  • love this one! she's very gorgeous and FIT. hope to see her in another video >> Apartment Raid
  • Awesome!! Post more videos like this please :) >> Apartment Raid
  • Wonderful ! The BEST battle choregraphy in deadlydymes I ever seen !!! Great GREAT GREAT !... >> ABDUCTED
  • This is definitely one of the very best martial arts battle on Deadly Dymes! I totally love the... >> ABDUCTED
  • Fights several guys and for once none of them are the busy Mister B! Nice, slightly humorous... >> BRICK CITY
  • very good skills from the guy, the girl looks good too, but i think the fight was short, however i... >> On the Run
  • First-Rate Video!! Impressive acrobatics, and tons of Action I could feel... (Awesome Video!!) >> Cry Fowl!
  • Great fight, can you make one of grace's take me out videos as a free bonus for next month... >> THE POOL CLEANER
  • Great video! If this is a trial fight, I'm totally looking forward to seeing the actual fight. ... >> Trial 1 Fight
  • maaan, her look at the last 2 kick is amazing, love the clip and the details of it.. great work >> ABDUCTED
  • Great neck break, so merciless and brutal. Overall the video is decent not great in my opinion, but... >> FOREST BLAZE
  • CynTia is really hot, love her skill, but in this one, I was hoping she may have done a good... >> Apartment Raid
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Joanna Attacks!

Joanna gives a taste in this quick, hard-hitting power promo.


Cassidy a unleashes her power in this hard hitting, vicious power promo.


Teneice sends an unfaithful businessman and his hapless henchman packing with a suitcase full of pain.

Power Punch

CynTia shines in a bruising boxing battle versus two bullies.


When Grace stumbles on a robbery in progress, will four furious thugs be more then she can handle?


A detective catches on to the case... but will it be too late? Featuring pro-MMA fighter Anais Almonte.

Interception 2

The warrior from Interception finally reveals herself to three unfortunate goons, in this melange of mutilations, joint snaps and all-around beat-down madness.

Three Ways to Die

In the not-too-distant future, a super-powered warrior runs hard and fights even harder. (Rated Deadly)

Unusual Bounty

Kira drops by to collect an ornery prize.

Home Invasion

A burglary-turned home invasion ends in hard-hitting, face-smashing justice.


A mysterious thief with iron fists stops a courier dead in his tracks.

Party's Over

Kira is a serious party-pooper in this spine-snapping, heart pounding encounter.


CynTia cracks ribs with mighty skill and whirlwind speed.


Ellen tests a most brutal technique on an unlucky opponent.


Ellen spills blood in an intense forest encounter.


Two baddies feel the fists of a ferocious farm girl.


High energy fighting


Dymes go nuts! Not for the squeamish.


Olympic-trained TKD fighter goes all out!


Cute girls out-smart and out-fight the boys.


Fierce fighters from America's top dojo.


Killer relationships


Laugh til it hurts


Tickle your imagination


Ages 18+