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rating rating rating rating rating 3 Stars, 10018 views    
Length: 2:24
Rated Appropriate for All Audiences

Three unwanted house guests are shown the floor.

(bold = more extreme)

by shannonboyx  
Tha video didnt really suck at all I jus booed it cos its not my cup of tea. Dats all
by xlc2915  
This was great! I like the multiple bad guy aspect. Best part was when she finished that dude with a devastating kick to the balls and just smirked as she watched him collapse in pain. More stuff like that please!
by 99TheOne  
I think this is a good video!! The scenario and atmosphere is different than usual. Also, the Dyme fighting 3 opponents is definitely a plus in my book, shows the strong side her. Good work, keep it up please... :)
by babyboy1030  
I would rather pay 4 credits for a kick ass clip then 2 or 1 credit for junk. Sorry calling it as I see it.If it takes longer to do a real good clip then keep us posted. And if you need a break have the other do the film but keep the same quality. That's all. I like most of your films they are dam good but some should never been sold on this site.
by deadman18  
WTF is this man ?? the girl looks very strong, she should kick each guy more.. many kicks even when he is almost down look, if you dont make good clips and you only make them for money then i wont get any more clips you make one good clip a year, and you know what people like, yet you ignore the people's request.. i sent you a request on the email since a year, and i say it infront of everyone... if my clip didnt make best sell (i will pay 100 $ for you) what you say ?