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Length: 1:30
Rated Mature by 1 person

Chimere crushes and crumples.

(bold = more extreme)

by Il Dottore  
Miss Chimera is a remarkably flexible gymnast and karateka. Her counter to Mister B's attempted kick provides one of the most intense, realistic examples of self defense seen in any of your videos. Wonderful work!
by MartialArtsModeling  
Very nicely done. Great edits, various kicks and sound effects. Truly great to see more ab kicks and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the cartwheel flip into a double foot stomach stomp... A stunt like that however, would have made for a great finish him off style ending. Keep 'em coming more like this one and you'll have my 'Hype It' vote for sure!
by wertman  
Go! Deadly Dymes
by wertman  
Great! thks for the free, im less fortunate than the average person so thankyou for educating my daughters to be strong like the girls in the video
by strawberry  
Great to see some new vids and this is a nice one
by bigaction  
ShannonboyX yah agreed this fight was good. She broke dude's chest lol, plus those gymnastic flips and kicks were tight. Good stuff.
by shannonboyx  
It's gettin better I admit. Like the fighting in this one. I would've liked it with a victory pose over a defeated opponet but it was gud. Nice video.