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rating rating rating rating rating 4.5 Stars, 56628 views    
Length: 2:00
Rated Mature by 8 people

Ms. Miatta rules her forest domain.

(bold = more extreme)

by Korentin  
Damn this was a great video, although a cleavage like that was just begging for a breast smother. That combined with black leather gloves and another neckbreak would probably make my year!
by MartialArtsModeling  
I agree with most of you, she's a hottie, but disagree on the action (at least in this preview). Open area clearings such as the woods should make for some great multiple kicking stunts and sequences. Is the rest of this video more action oriented beyond this preview?
by leediddy1  
Damn she is sooooo gorgeous I've fantasied about a woman like this kicking my ass wut do I have to do to be her victim
by jamn  
i love her
by mikebee26  
This is an excellent video! She's hot, ruthless and a great fighter. I want to be her next victim!
by shannonboyx  
Like vengeance said its bout time. I like dis dyme and the victory pose at the end was a nice touch. Keep it up. Applause real talk
by Vengeance  
Well its about time! Finally some video action!! Great stuff... Beautiful Dyme...