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Length: 4:45
Rated Mature by 401 people

When cornered in the wild, Grace draws on her advanced fighting skills.

(bold = more extreme)

by cashley216  
by babyboy1030  
For now on start making clips like this one. Might have to the best one yet.
by Maurice  
Well its about time. Finally, an outstanding video that didn't disappoint.
by shannonboyx  
WOW!!!! Man wat a video. I agree with all the comments so far. Sexy dyme, excellent fight scenes. The ending is always important and dis ended great. Two thumbs up
by tim  
this is the best video you guys have made!!!!
by bigaction  
Whoa! This is my favorite vid with Grace so far. She is a superstar. The action in this one is amazing and super-realistic. Great work!