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rating rating rating rating rating 5 Stars, 13379 views    
Length: 1:56
Rated Mature by 306 people

GRACE does it again!

(bold = more extreme)

by deadman18  
Man the face stomp at the end killed me, woow
by blakkghozt  
Awesome way of slowing your opponent down with that creative kick. It reminded me of Cynthia Rothrock in American Tigers. Amazing and brutal finish with the booted face kicks at the end. Love the dialog too.
by 99TheOne  
Grace at her best - as always, and looking damn good at the same time, what a girl... I love the jeans too. Who is the next fan? A good idea is to have a 2-on-2 match, Grace and Mel vs 2-fans, that would be totally awesome!
by deadman18  
she is out of this world.. I wish to meet her once and have more than this guy :)