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Length: 5:00
Rated Mature by 2 people

Grace uses vicious combos to show her killer warm-up routine.

(bold = more extreme)

by deadman18  
clip is better than old one.. the problem is the ending, it should be a kick or step that kills him after all good kicks she did.. also many kicks and punches didn't really touch and was clearly far from him
by Maurice  
Good video, cute girl. But a little over-hyped. Fighting action got a little too repetitive for my taste.
by shannonboyx  
Ayo Grace is sumthin else dawg. Please more videos with her man. She fine ass hell kickin ass nd takin names. Sexy sexy sexy lol.
by Frank Leonidas  
Great clip! One of your best! Grace really gets into it and has the looks, moves and attitude we love to see! More clips like this -- and more with Grace please!