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rating rating rating rating rating 4 Stars, 23531 views    
Length: 2:15
Rated Mature by 2 people

Feelings of being watched and followed may just be our paranoia... Or perhaps something more.

(bold = more extreme)

by bigbadbooty  
Awesome!!! Mysterious, sexy and deadly. Kaya is my new favorite
by hyoidman  
REALLY enjoyed this clip, short but very sweet. Loved her attitude, very cold and sadistic but at the same time cocky. She chews gum nonchalantly and rolls her eyes like he isn't worth her time, then smiles at her handiwork as she takes him apart - loved it. And the finisher was really brutal and cruel, so hot.
by lemeathelmet  
wow-loved her attitude
by cocoa  
I beutifol women
by babyboy1030  
Very Good.