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rating rating rating rating rating 4.5 Stars, 39285 views    
Length: 2:47
Rated Mature by 4 people

A hot summer day, a contest for survival. Featuring Nisa and James.

(bold = more extreme)

by SalaciousD  
Nisa took total command of a man many guys would lose too! She masterminded him in every way and controlled him like a puppet while looking sexy moving with cat-like speed!
by MartialArtsModeling  
Nice preview... 'bridge over troubled water' might have been a cute title. Anyway, once again... a great cartwheel into a double foot chest/stomach stomp makes for a great ending. The narrow bridge also makes it great for upper body balance, so the double foot swing kick into the abs/chest was a goodie. She also could have used the bridge handles to balance herself to perform either a series of two foot stomps to the chest and/or one final power stomp as a 'finish him off' move.
by shannonboyx  
Ok, ok starting to look a little better now. I think u should add more of a trample victory pose at the end. Feel me?