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rating rating rating rating rating 4.5 Stars, 59230 views    
Length: 2:43
Rated Mature by 209 people

Clawdia takes care of business in this extreme blend of violence and hilarity.

(bold = more extreme)

by Kelous  
Love it
by hyoidman  
I really love this clip. She is gorgeous and sexy, has great legs and shows them off in that outfit. She also strikes a great balance of playful and vicious, smiling sexily moments before unleashing sadistic amounts of violence. She gleefully takes him apart; she annihilates and utterly destroys him with reckless abandon near the end and I absolutely loved every second of it. Fantastic clip!
by chained  
Hot as hell from start to finish!
by mark-619  
Amazing video
by alvarodhollie  
Good punching. Her neckbreak finishing move is simple but deadly. Her costume is cute and sexy. And a victory pose. Nicely done.
by kiluamoon  
Everything about this Clip is amazing..Clawdia is so hot...I love her clothes ,her skirt waving in the air is very sexy.I just wanted more self defense fighting instead to beat the guy tied...if the fight was near of the car outdoor ,it would be so much better.
by deadman18  
wooow she is an angel. really amazing work, kicks, looks, smile is so great.. awesome clip and one of your top 5 for my taste.. wish to see more like this please.. you cant do nothing but love it.. this girl is a vamp :) love love love
by k1shin  
Love the neck break! Nice and simple ending.
by Precelis  
Gorgeous !!!
by Sortex  
Amazing sexiest chick in a while keep more like this comming i cannot wait for part 2 come as soon as possible