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Length: 1:53
Rated Mature by 3 people

AMERIKICK Second degree black belt holder Tara shows off her martial arts skills on the mat.


Exclusive Content By:

  • Andrew Kim Film
  • Amerikick
(bold = more extreme)

by Zeppo  
Nice one.
by 99TheOne  
Weak - I think NOT. She completely demolished both of them, especially with those rough and deadly finishing moves. Tara is an Elite Fighter! Cannot wait to see more of her videos!
by gatodeazul  
by k1shin  
Love her demeanor during the fight. She just wants to kick ass, and doesn't care what happens to them. Loved the neck break at the end! Nice work!
by 99TheOne  
Awesome Video! Tara has got some serious bad ass skills man! She is as highly skilled as Grace, Victoria and other top DeadlyDymes! This is a great video to not be missed! Keep em coming...