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rating rating rating rating rating 3 Stars, 14681 views    
Length: 2:09
Rated Mature by 2 people

Grace faces a new skilled opponent at Mikido MMA. Does she have what it takes?

(bold = more extreme)

by 99TheOne  
It is great to see Grace fight an opponent who is equally as skilled as she is. I like the setting - looks sort of like an MMA Cage Fight, sort of. Like I always say: any video with Grace is always great and worth watching! This one is definitely intense with high impact martial arts, love to see more like this (definitely if she teams up with Mel).
by deadman18  
great one, I love the action, I wish the ending was some way harder since he was a good fighter too, you know my small idea if you could get Michele Tate to do a clip :) loved it