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rating rating rating rating rating 3.5 Stars, 24024 views    
Length: 2:01
Rated Appropriate for All Audiences

Grace fights a dangerous enemy from her past. With Ramir Alcantara from Shadowless Martial Arts.

(bold = more extreme)

by isolaria  
Grace is amazing! Sexy and dangerous!
by Maurice  
Grace is indeed an amazing fighter... but I understand where deadman18 is coming from. Grace is overly verbal in all of her clips. And its annoying. Chick's got mad squabbles though... I give her that.
by Frank Leonidas  
I don't want to criticize too much because I do appreciate the amazing stuff that you do (so keep up the good work!) but this clip was a serious let-down; especially coming on the heels of the last two. Grace is an amazing fighter with a great personality. I just wish you had given her a better scenario. The editing was also a little off compared to most of your other clips. To be honest, you guys set the bar extremely high with Mel Goes Nuts and Grace was much better in Dead End and The Warm Up. I'd love to see her in that type of action again; the life or death/revenge scenarios are always the best with plenty of humiliation and fatalities of course. Maybe one day Mel and Grace could team up to take down a serial rapist? Now THAT could be interesting!
by deadman18  
fuck this man and you 99theone are such an ass kisser. she screams on each move that is sick