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rating rating rating rating rating 4.5 Stars, 28728 views    

by Upupa68  
by cafare52  
love the throat kick! more please!
by cafare52  
more throat kicks and stomps! this was amazing!
by chained  
Favorite video so far. I watch it over and over just to see Grace dominate. Can't think of a better way to go then at her feet...
by nero_tang  
very cool
by billhicks1973  
absolutely superb one sided beating, can't get enough of Grace.
by karate kick  
this was owsome! I love the dress,pantyhose/nylons, wedges/heels. I think this brings the humiliation to a different level of being destroyed from such a sexy, femanine karate/kungfu master as herself. I would love to see more of this kind of stuff. Maybe a self defence scenario where it is kill, or be killed. I think of the fight ending with there bcks to one another, she reaches behind, and gets her deadly arms around his neck. A suddens KEEYAAHAAAA as she brakes his neck. She stands still as he slides ( slowly ) down her back and lands on his back between her legs. A highheel wedge lifts up as she stomps, and sinks his chest cavity in with a ficious karate/kungfu thrust. (you can hear his ribs brake) HHIIYAAHAAA!!!!
by oohmatron123  
I just loved this video! The ending is just pure pleasure for me! :)) thanks very much!
by Roderick  
Awesome, could use more high impact kicks and punches but awesome. She is smokin hot!!!
by 99TheOne  
Paulette is now available!! Anyone interested?