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rating rating rating rating rating 4 Stars, 14712 views    
Length: 2:39
Rated Appropriate for All Audiences

Grace and Brent of Mikido MMA discover the desire for revenge can be a dangerous thing.

(bold = more extreme)

by blakkghozt  
Amazing fight, brutal revenge, Brent is going to be found by some old men fishing after that final barrage of booted combo of kicks to the ribs and that final NFL (no face left) punt.
by 99TheOne  
Another great video with Grace! Her videos are never dull. Keep em coming pls...
by doctor27  
I just hope youll uploade more often.
by nalrumaihi  
Grace is a Grace, she is amazing and you can feel the power in her body and strength.. I just wish the ending had a stomp or something from the female side to show more dominant and ego.
by karate kick  
Love the fighting in it. SO HOT !! Grace is as lovely as she is deadly.Loved the elbow to the shoulder blades,the flip,the sweep throw to his back, leg drop/kick to the back of his neck,and the fatal blow(snap kick) to his face while bent over on his kneesthat sent him into the stream. The whole fight was owsome.the only thing I would change his her woredrobe.I want to see her painted nials, not gloves. A feminine dress, blouse,skirt. Not heavy jacket, and levis. Strappy open toe high heel sandals.Pantyhose to show off her feminine yet deadly legs. that is what I like to see. The outside scene was fantastic. I like the thought of self defence scenarios in woods, parking lots,streets/alley.
by fill  
Grace looks amazing, great attitude, good fight