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Length: 3:00
Rated Mature by 40 people

Grace gets Red Hot for June! These three groin-smashing, spine-snapping beat-downs from the Dojo leave no doubt who rules the DeadlyDymes universe.

(bold = more extreme)

by bojanboric  
I think it would look awesome seeing you break neck in clip. Because you are so strong and the guy would look helpless. What do you think.
by DeadlyGrace  
That is valuable food for thought to keep in mind for future films, bojanboric..thank YOU ??
by bojanboric  
Good action great clip. Just you need to have better finishing moves. Maybe neck break or back break.
by DeadlyGrace  
Glad you loved it, blakkghozt! More to come next Friday!
by blakkghozt  
Amazing action, hard hitting bone crunching ballbusting incredible knock out action. That outfit tho... Definitely #RedHot