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rating rating rating rating rating 3.5 Stars, 13883 views    
Length: 3:04
Rated Appropriate for All Audiences

Raven unleashes her fury on a would-be purse snatcher.

(bold = more extreme)

by Maxus  
Wow, she really did him in. The fight was real sexy and well done. Looked as if it could have gone either way, which made it especially exciting.
by shannonboyx  
by morephosphorusplease  
Love this video. Raven is just sexy as hell...I didnt see any blood here (although it seems like there would be considering the slashed throat at the end), but Im kind of glad they didnt go there. I would love to see a fight where Raven kicks some guys ass almost entirely with her fists (she looks like she can do it, too with those nice, sexy arms and hands), until she knocks his ass out and leaves him there lying on the ground, bleeding from his face. That would be awesome!
by 99TheOne  
Awesome Video!! Do not mess with this hot dyme in the hood if you want to live another day... (Ravens got some moves)