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rating rating rating rating rating 4.5 Stars, 22019 views    
Length: 5:46
Rated Mature by 361 people

Beware...when bone breaking executioner Grace is within sight, she gives no warning.

(bold = more extreme)

by Panda  
Simply Amazing Grace, the best Deady Dymes movie yet. Grace may speak no words but I was lost for words after watching this. Can we please have more of Grace in this terminator like character. I would especially like to see Grace in even taller boots too!
by Roderick love with her. She is deadly. Thought blood was awesome!
by deadman18  
The song is true, AMAZING GRACE :) wow, that was something worth watching.. MAN, you are ahead of yourself, and this stuff is getting better, and better by every clip. the ending is great.. man simply woow
by babyboy1030  
Grace cant do no wrong. She is the deadliest dyme.