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Length: 3:22
Rated Mature by 2 people

A one-woman SWAT team is thoroughly armed, legged and fisted.

(bold = more extreme)

by MartialArtsModeling  
I've gotta agree with the other posters here. You're trying to be too much like Martin Scorsese. Your continuity gets broken and you tend to use these high speed and shaky editing techniques when you should let your audience see an impact kick or stomp. For example, in your promo clip, she goes to stomp your stomach/chest and instead we see the back of your head propped up.
by bigaction  
Yeah Maurice... she must be a quick-changing, time-traveling super-cop LOL. Actually, the video is redited and those particular errors are gone.
by Maurice  
LoL! I really enjoyed this, but the editing is terrible/funny. I mean, at the 1:10 mark Jonae takes her shades off and throws them to the floor, then next thing you know they're magically back on her face at 1:18, and then they disappear again a second later. She then takes her shoes off at 1:32 (has socks on), then they're back on at 1:40, and back off again 2 seconds later, only this time she's barefoot. How'd all that get by QC? lol Entertaining video nonetheless... gotta hype this one.