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Length: 3:20
Rated Mature by 3 people

Mel uses dirty tricks to dominate her opponent.

(bold = more extreme)

by Tiger Uppercut  
Awesome Video :)
by guyzwin  
like the use of feet to the face, maybe a foot smother next time
by ninja  
Nice movie, Mel is the best for sure. Sexy feet, strong legs. Love the kill. Want to see her break some necks
by doctor27  
When I started to see this video, I feel some electric shock and thrill which I have been longed for so long time. This is jus what I was finding. Love the kick to the groin and high pushing kick to the chin and everything of her. Wow!
by superbrotha87  
My goodness My Goodness My Goodness....As someone else said earlier here, if you all make ALL YOUR videos like this, I repeat ALL YOUR Videos like this, I will go broke buying them. Absolutely FLAWLESS. There was flavor to it, personality, and that chicks body and technique is just freakin Gold Medal status. THESE are the types of videos yall used to do and strayed away from for at least a cool 2 years. THIS is the sweet spot. Tons of kicks to the nuts, A controlling beatdown of the dude, and awesome awesome camrea work. If you are reading this please consider doing tons more of these videos just like this one, you'll get my $$$$$$ without question. More more more.
by the painter  
wow that was awesome if all your movies were like this id be broke lol love the foot on throat kill wow
by DarkMagus  
its the best i love the finish
by forza13001  
Let's be honest : this stuff totally rocks. One of the best ever seen : hail to her deadly feet. Be sure I would buy every bit of that f**** kind of s*** in the future. Still to rare, but let's hope we're on the good way. Does someone have a fetish here ? F****'n yeah, man !!! So what ? lol
by Giotto5  
that's some heavy stuff!
by shannonboyx  
Now dats wat Im talkin bout!! Its bout time u got back to the real s***. Mel is sexy as hell, hope to see more of her. Great clip. Keep it up!!
by darksilver  
Now this is what I'm talking about!
by jose torre  
Fantastico!!!!! Is the best video of all I've seen.
by deadman18  
wooooooooooow welcome back, thats the brother i know kudos to the girl, the action , the damn great song.. keep this up man
by Frank Leonidas