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rating rating rating rating rating 4.5 Stars, 23947 views    
Length: 2:31
Rated Mature by 78 people

Jade catches a predator.

(bold = more extreme)

by turkey3333xxx  
I can't wait for more stuff like this. I love this theme, and I love when the bad guy gets his groin wrecked. MOAR PLS!!!
by jaylegend  
by tamakeri  
Very well done. Perfection would have been a brutal axe kick to his groin as a finisher (or part of), but overall...really great.
by shannonboyx  
Jade is very beautiful I admit, it was a cool video the stomp was too quick for my liking. But very good message. On to the next one
by yirmeyah  
More of her ! She's very sexy and a great actress. Could we see her in high heels ballbusting a guy ?
by Precelis  
Just what I like ! Hot and spicy...yeahhh !
by 99TheOne  
This video has a strong and powerful message.