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rating rating rating rating rating 4.5 Stars, 36138 views    
Length: 1:43
Rated Mature by 4 people

Chelsea takes it all in her best performance yet.

(bold = more extreme)

by hyoidman  
Short and sweet little clip. She's so pretty and the choreography is fast and furious and dominant for her. Just the way she moves is so sleek and sexy! Love her! Really cool finishing move too. Good buy for the credits.
by darthwin  
Gorgeous woman and a pretty slick mover. I really liked the ending. She stayed in total control of a guy much bigger and older than her. Would love to see Chelsea in a longer fight scene testing out more of her moves. I reckon she has lots of potential.
by action hero  
chelsea is the best
by alex007  
its wonderful to see a lady like chelsea fight a man down. cool clip
by actionfan  
Creative fight. Intense ending. Loved it!