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4.5 Stars, 18319 views    

by bigaction  
Love seeing Grace evolve beyond the vicious groin kicks, way too sexy outfits and over the top violence of Room 444, Finisher and other videos where she practically crippled the guys into a polished and professional video like Robbery that I can actually enjoy with my family. This video and the new DeadlyDymes Big Screen section rocks! ()
by actionqueen  
A must see! Can't wait to see more of Grace! ()
by ninjacasanova  
I am sorry, but I was extremely disappointed and felt I wasted my credits. Four men, but no good groin strikes at ALL!!! I get the fight section didn't mention it and I was hoping whoever uploaded the video just forgot to leave out incase there were any like "Brick City." Which should have had way more than one, plus good aftermaths of it. I get Mister B is of the only one seeming to take ballbusts and thats great but whoever choreographed this should have known better that it's important to have strikes that makes people watch it over and over again. For me it's the groin strikes. Can I get my 2 credits back? UGH! :( ()