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4.5 Stars, 9676 views    

by deadman18  
maaan, her look at the last 2 kick is amazing, love the clip and the details of it.. great work ()
by ninjacasanova  
I agree that this is really one of the best Martial Arts battles on Deadly Dymes. Although I love both the girl and guy and I did hope for more ballbusts. Hopefully next time, but omg keep them actors coming with more groin strikes. ( +1)
by 99TheOne  
This is definitely one of the very best martial arts battle on Deadly Dymes! I totally love the acrobatics and sword play. Please post more videos like this! ()
by Precelis  
Wonderful ! The BEST battle choregraphy in deadlydymes I ever seen !!! Great GREAT GREAT ! Amerikick and Andrew, you are two big guys ! The actor-models are perfect, I want top see them next, wanna a part 2 very quickly... ( +1)