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rating rating rating rating rating 4 Stars, 25299 views    
Length: 5:03
Rated Appropriate for All Audiences

Grace returns to obliterate her next target.


Exclusive Content By:

  • Andrew Kim Film
(bold = more extreme)

by yuzhongfan  
Awsome clip!LOVE that guy!!!
by midnight60  
More ladies in shorts and boots!
by Panda  
Grace is utterly amazing in this role. Uncompromising, brutal and sexy. I only wish there was more fighting action. More "Finisher" films please.
by Ro  
AWESOME!!!! Grace is the queen of this site.
by medo  
She is beautiful and dangerous nice finesh
by blakkghozt  
This was epic and worth the wait. Amazing combos and kicks. Best groin kick ever. Great look. Awesome acting. I actually understand who The Finisher is now. The hard work and training shows in this. D.D. fans if you don't have this epic Grace scene in ur memory banks you are missing out.
by 99TheOne  
Worth every credit, great video!! Keep em coming please...