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rating rating rating rating rating 2.5 Stars, 12374 views    
Length: 4:10
Rated Appropriate for All Audiences

Yogi Nisa, uses kung fu to take down an unwelcome visitor. Beware.

(bold = more extreme)

by rmccoy4653  
Love Whitney... Would've loved to have seen a bigger and more lifting hip throw as she threw him to ground but overall great clip
by deadman18  
wooow man, the last 2 kicks are just too hot. amazing really
by babyboy1030  
Good concept. The fight could have been longer with more stomps and broken bones but over all very good. Like to see Whitney in more clips in the future.
by 99TheOne  
Terrific Video! Sexy Dyme and plenty of action with a touch of mystic energy. He is lucky those last two kicks were not done while he was still conscious.