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rating rating rating rating rating 5 Stars, 15473 views    
Length: 5:33
Rated Mature by 87 people

Sex trafficker gets a taste of his own medicine!

(bold = more extreme)

by aynaar  
the best video but i would like to see her with high heels or boots
by oohmatron123  
Interesting video! Delali is indeed a very sexy and deadly girl, would love to see more of her! I thought she was going for a neckbreak when she wrapped her legs/feet around his neck, but not the case. Would have loved to have seen a fatal stomp from her! ;)The dancing at beginning too was a bonus! Great! :)
by tamakeri  
I usually prefer to see the guy standing and taking his medicine, especially for groin blows. That being said, this was incredibly sexy. Delali is a dream. I loved how he she controlled him with her legs and feet. I agree with the other viewer that we need more Delali, and in a karate gi would be amazing, though her dress was PERFECT for this movie. So beautiful.
by gulfsierra  
Great video. The best I've ever seen. Can we have more of Delali? Would also love to see more of her fighting in a karate gi.
by 99TheOne  
Wow, that was intense! Delall sure gave him a dose of his own medicine!
by Precelis  
Delali clearly the best one ! Big up M.B !
by Frank Leonidas  
I believe this is a classic in its own right. Definitely one of the best clips I've seen in a long while.
by babyboy1030  
This will be its own classic.I like this a lot.
by Frank Leonidas  
Great concept. It's nice to see Delali back also. This had the potential to be another "Room 444" (a classic). Still hoping to see a clip of just kick combinations (Delali's initial kick assault here was stunning) and more from this Dyme in the near future.